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Netgear router support
Netgear IOS (originally Internetwork Operating System) is a family of software used on most Netgear Systems routers and current Netgear network switches. (Earlier switches ran CatOS.) IOS is a package of routing, switching, internetworking and telecommunications functions integrated into a multitasking operating system.

Use of Netgear router
Router: As the name indicated, it is device that routes internet traffic across network. In other words, these gives direction to the internet traffic or your internet request.
Netgear: It is a company that builds these networking devices and one of them is Routers.
Communication problem with Netgear routers
·         The module is not recognized.
·         The router crashes.
·         Therouter does not boot.
·         The router hangs.
·         Configuration issue
·         installationhang
·         Online Router Support, 
·         Router Support Forum,
·         Router Customer Service, 
·         Router Forum,
·         Router Errors
·         Netgear routers password recovery



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