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Cisco tech support number
When you are getting a problem that you cannot resolve, the resource of last resort is your cisco tech support number representative. To analyze a problem, your technical support representative will need certain information about the situation and the symptoms that you are experiencing. To sort out of problems isolation of speed and resolution are processing, collect the necessary data before you contact your cisco tech support number.
This appendix describes how to collect relevant information about your internetwork and how to present that information to your technical support representative. Refer to cisco tech support number for specific information that you need to collect for each technology. In addition, some sections describe Cisco Connection Online, Cisco's primary, real-time support channel on the World Wide Web (WWW), and Cisco Connection Documentation, Cisco's library of product information on CD-ROM. All are valuable resources in troubleshooting network problems in making solutions. Make sure that you search CCO for documentation regarding your problem before you contact your technical representative.
Gathering Information About Your Internetwork
Before gathering any specific data, compile a list of all relevant symptoms that users have reported on the network (such as connections dropping or slow host response).
The next step is to gather specific information. Tough information are needed in troubleshooting internetworking problems categorized into two general categories: information required for any situation, and information specific to the topology, technology, protocol, or problem. For full details call at cisco tech support number

Information that is always required by technical support engineers includes the following: listing of all routers involved specifications of all routers involved information, if any made to the network prior to the problem/symptom of the nature of the problem (whether the problem occurs intermittently, what errors are being observed, and so on) numbers of software (obtained with the show version command) and firmware (obtained with the show controllers command)are  on all relevant routers topology map of hosts and servers (host and server type, number and function of each host/server on the network, description of host operating systems implemented) of network layer protocols, versions, and vendors
For more details call at cisco tech support number
Dial at +1-800-891-5603


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