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Getting a Signal to Your Adapter
Your router setup is now complete...it's now time for the other half of the battle - getting the signal to show up on your 2nd PC, which is using the adapter card! REMEMBER: we're using Windows, not Linksys's software! Still getting some troublesome get connect us on d-link router customer service

1.       Finding the router signal on the wireless network list: Double click the "Network connections" icon on the lower right hand side of the screen, in the Windows tray. It should bring up a screen showing all of the wireless signals in the area -- hopefully, including the one being sent out by your router (you'll recognize it because it will be your first name and last initial, or whatever you named it in the earlier steps of this guide).
If for any reason you can't find this "Network connections" window, it can be found in Start / Settings / Control Panel / Network.
If you see your router's signal on the list, double click it. If you don't see your router's signal, something went wrong during your router setup - most likely, your router has "Wireless SSID Broadcast" set to "disable" within the "Wireless/Basic Wireless Settings" menu of the router setup page. Go back and check it!
2.       Connecting to the signal with WEP Key 1: Windows will now attempt to connect to the signal being broadcast by your router. If all goes well, you'll get a dialog box asking for the "WEP Key" that we saw before, during the router setup.

This is the auto-generated key that the router software translated after you put in that password and clicked "Generate," as seen in "Configuring the Router's Settings", Step 3, above.

Remember how it creates 4 WEP Keys, but you'll only need to remember Key 1? This is where you'll have to go back to your PC with the router on it, and click the "Wireless" tab, and the "Wireless Security" tab. Look for "Key 1" and write it down on a piece of paper. It's a ridiculously long string of 26 letters and numbers.
If you are unable getting 26 letter key get contact to d-link router customer service

Type out Key 1 -It will ask you to type it out twice, actually - the second time is just to confirm. Click OK, and your computer *should* connect to your router, and your problem is solved!
If the adapter is not connecting to the signal, try typing in the WEP Key 1 again, making sure your caps lock is on, and that you've typed it in correctly. It's easy to mis-type it, because it's such a long thing to type in.
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